Tuesday, June 16, 2009

90's baby & bad ass ladies,

Being born into the world in the early 90's
, I was too young to truly appreciate the anti-fashion movement that the generation brought at the time. But now that I've grown, I'm truly proud to be a representative of the dirty decade. Though the idea of loving a a time that stood against everything I have adored about fashion probably seems a bit preposterous, but I do. I would not consider my style as dirty and grimy as some of my favorite 90's icons, I like to add some flower child, hippie spice to the typical over sized flannels and ripped jeans look. But enough about me, here are some runway looks i stumbled upon.

Joan Jett and Debbie Harry have always been sources of inspiration for me, though even more so recently. The power and strength that both women have is probably what I admire about them most. The whole bad ass, rock n' roll image has always been one I have appreciated. How could I not? I mean just look at them.

The tight leather, all the studs, ahh it's love.
The bottom left picture is Joan and Cheri Currie along with other band member of The Runaways.

I've been listening to more Nirvana then usual, and in return have been sporting lots of stripes. Oh, kurt.

I dig all three of these girls take on the grunge style. I wish I lived in the city where I could simply walk down the street and get inspiration for my daily outfits. Only a few more months till that wish comes true.

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